Enlightenment, Nahas + Nubia

Enlightenment is a current trend right now. I have been enlightennet through the powers of Ras Tafari and the Teachings of His Majesty, Emperor Quedamawi Haile Selassie I for some time now.

Ras Tafari is a natural mystic, and the wisdom, as you grow live and learn comes from within not any other systematic plaque.

I do not like carven images.

As apart of it being one of the 10 commandments, not to make a carven image that is not Jah and worship it, I do not keep idol gods.

And I know, all that persists consistently in the world is propapagan. I am not quick to confirm to the wave of my generation, although it looks good and is inviting, it is a no for me.

I am an old soul. I know there is right and there is wrong, there is good and there is bad. There is Zion and there is babylon. And each realm of opposites have each its own philosophies.

I am clinging to what is good, and it has been rewarding.

There is one Jah, and its all I need. He is a CONQUERING LION.

Thee corruption that is controling the sleeping minds of the people who are highly influence by popular, commercial media are misleading people from the one true Conquering Lion. Popular Media love to hide truth, so I search deep and opposite of what they teach and promote.

There is spirituelle wickedness in high n low places, regardless of your intentions of peace, so you still may be barbarizzled.

Honestly, now a days we are finding out everything that exist, was created by the originators of the Nubian nation. The Messiah, native americans and the list is growing.

Here I found out about the Nagas people, who are descendants of Nubias. They exist throughout the middle east, modern day KUSH.

From Senegal to Sri Lanka, India.

“The ancient Indians belonged to the Kushite African race, still numerous in a wide area of the globe, spread from India in the East to Senegal in the West. Of this group of ancient Blacks, the Naga People were and still are the largest subgroup of the Kushitic speaking branch of the Black African race. In fact, the Nagas still retain the title “Naga” in various forms throughout Africa and South Asia even today.

There are many examples of the term “Naga” still being used to describe various groups in Africa and Asia, who are all of the Kushitic branch of the Black African race. For example, the Blacks of West Africa were called “Nugarmar-ta.” “Nagomina” is the name of a tribe from West Africa, who were part of a series of great civilizations which existed in the region before 1000 B.C. The “Naga,” are another group of people related to India’s Naga people, who live in various parts of East Africa and in the nation of Sudan, the original homeland of all Naga and other Kushitic Black peoples. The word “Nahas” is another word for “Nubian.” Names of tribes and nationalities such as “Nuer,” “Nuba,” “Nubian” are all related to the Naga tribes of India and South Asia. Long before the barbarians infiltrated India, the Blacks (Naga, Negrito, Negroid and all those belonging to the Negroid-Australoid Black race, as well as pure Negritic racial types ruled India as well as a substantial portion of Asia from Arabia to China and the South Pacific, as well as the Indian Ocean region” Runoko Rashidi.

Naga is the origin of the word Nega, Negusa, Nagast, Niger, or NGR, Negro, meaning King, Lord, Glory, Black and God respectively.

Source 2

Naganathan, Nagaratnam, Nagaraja and etc.These Ethiopians were called the Naga. It was the Naga who created Sanskrit.The Dravidian classic, the Chilappathikaran made it clear that the first great kingdom of India was
Naganadu. NAGALAND



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