TimeLine -Nubien, Lioness Nubia Mela9nine

I am not sure how tru this is, all is to be questioned, but starting somewhere has to be here.

Picture 1: kushetic timeline

Kushites are Israeil`ises. This exile I believe these kushites came to present day north america in the 1400s. They are native indigneous people of the lands, sons of semetic.aca4f71e8f634657c4b27ea44355ee8a #amissingpieceofhistory

Question? Why don’t these maps ever mention exodus.

What year was biblical movement of exodus?

Answer: Mid-Late 1400s bce




Amerigo was italian. AFricanus was european.

Question? Why am I being called so many names?

I am a CONQUERING Lioness. Neither african or american or both.

Heritage: Nubia

Destination: Kush



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