Ta Khent

Photo: Perfume vase from Sesebi Sudan

I am currently doing research on the Sudan culture, starting in the perfumery department and a lot of information has arose concerning Nubia + Cush.

Excerpts from the reading:

At one point, the kings of Kush ruled the entire Nile Valley from the Mediterranean Sea to the Highlands of Ethiopia.

It appears that the Egyptians themselves may have identified the region of Somalia, Eritrea and Southern Sudan as “Ta Khent” (‘Land of the Beginning’ or ‘Ancestral land’).

The Nubian kingdom at Meroe persisted until the 4th century AD, when it fell to the expanding kingdom of Axum. Meroe was the seat of the great caravan route from North Africa and westward across the Soudan (Ethiopia)

As Northern Ethiopia was once part of the Kush kingdom and Sudan was a major trade route for aromatics in ancient times Civet would have been part of the valuable trading commodities to pass through its borders and ports.

African Incense-Dukhan-Bakhour-  Emerged out of an intricate trade and commercial system developed between the Ancient Kingdom of Sudan/Kushites/Kerma/Nubia and Sub-Saharan African along with parts of the Middle East and Europe dating back to 7000 B.C.






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